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Professor Stanisław Migórski among the most influential scientists in the world

Professor Stanisław Migórski, the former head of the Department of Optimization and Control Theory, has been included to the TOP 2% list of the most influencial scientists in the world for the third time. The ranking - prepared by the Stanford University in cooperation with the Elsevier publishing house and SciTech Strategies - assesses, inter alia, the entire scientific output of individual scientists according to the bibliometric index.

The Top 2% Most Influential Scientists List contains the names of scientists whose publications are most frequently cited by other authors. The scientific achievements of individual researchers in all fields of science are assessed according to the bibliometric index, which takes into account criteria such as: Hirsch index, number of citations (including self-citations), Impact Factor, place and role on the list of authors.

The authors of the list prepare 2 rankings. The first takes into account the achievements of the scientist's entire career (until the end of 2021). The second concerns citations from the calendar year, in this case 2021. This prestigious group includes 93 people associated with the Jagiellonian University, including Professor Stanisław Migórski.



Published Date: 11.11.2022
Published by: Krzysztof Bartosz

Welcome to Chair of Optimization and Control (KTOiS)

The Jagiellonian University in Krakow is one of the most famous and old universities in Europe founded more than 600 years ago. Currently, it is one of the best universities in Poland. The team KOS leaded by Professor Migorski is internationally recognized in the field of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics for the high quality of its scientific production. It is a very dynamic team working on modern and challenging topics. A short research on the web shows that the number of publications of the team is impressive and most of their results were published in top journals.

The research team KOS includes faculty members which have been actively working in related research fields for many years. All of them have rich publishing records and are intensively involved in international research. Most of team members have double degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. We have background in mathematical sciences and research contacts with physicists and engineering scientists. Today, the research interests of the KOS members are numerous and complementary, and they cover various areas of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics. All members with habilitation have co-authored at least one research monograph.

All students from many different backgrounds who wish to enter the courses of our group are warmly welcomed. We offer students the unique possibility to participate in interdisciplinary programs and conduct high level research. We lead PhD students to the frontiers of mathematical research, where they can begin to push back those frontiers.

The objective of the team is to obtain significant results in the study of new, nonstandard and challenging problems, and to diffuse them within publication in well recognized journals and international conferences. Keeping in mind the multidisciplinary character of its research field as well as the hard competition in the domain, the interest of the team is to diversify its collaborations.