Awards in the 1st edition of the Diamond Chalk plebiscite

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, during the faculty inauguration of the academic year, the results of the Diamond Chalk plebiscite and the awards ceremony were announced. The initiative of the plebiscite went straight from the students, and in particular from the Students 'Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University and the Students' Self-Government of WMII UJ. They decided to give three of the most appreciated didactics diplomas expressing gratitude for their hard work and the person who won the largest number of votes was additionally a commemorative statuette and a financial prize funded by the Dean. The plebiscite met with a very nice reception. We believe that there will be more editions. We would like to thank the organizers of the plebiscite for a great initiative!

The awards were given in two categories: The best lecturer and The best class teacher. In the field of Computer Sciences the awards were recived by:

The best lecturer

    prof. dr hab. Stanisław Migórski - laureate
    dr Włodzimierz Moczurad - distinction
    dr hab. Leszek Gasiński, prof. UJ - distinction

The best class teacher

    dr Sławomir Bakalarski - laureate
    dr Paweł Bogdan - distinction
    mgr Michał Jureczka - distinction

Published Date: 16.10.2018
Published by: Krzysztof Bartosz