Our seminar will be held in a small village, Male Ciche near Zakopane, in the Polish Tatra Mountains. It will be dedicated to various topics on Nonlocal in Partial Differential Equations and applications by a rather interdisciplinary gremium. The current seminar is the eighth in a series focused on different areas of mathematics (Sobolev Inequalities (2005), Maximum Principles (2006), Calculus of Variations (2007), Differential Inclusions (2008), Inequalities (2010), Nonlinearities (2013), Singular PDEs, Analytical Tools and Applications (2015)). Our meeting will have the style of a traditional seminar. Specialists from various fields, especially young researchers and PhD students, are warmly welcome.

We plan approximately 16 one-hour lectures (which can be split into shorter lectures): 4 hours per day and a poster session. Every day there will be a time slot devoted to discussions.

Some lectures will be devoted to the presentation of the new results obtained by the speakers and some lectures will cover more introductory topics. It is possible to have a talk on a topic assigned by an experienced reseacher.

Lectures will take place in ''Remiza Strażacka'' - the fire brigade station. The participants will have both blackboard with chalk as well as the computer with the beamer at their disposal.

In case of presentation using slides projected with the beamer we suggest to use pdf format.
Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences at Warsaw
University of Warsaw
Jagiellonian University in Krakow
Agnieszka Kałamajska, University of Warsaw, A.Kalamajska [at] mimuw.edu.pl
Anna Ochal, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, anna.ochal [at] ii.uj.edu.pl
Piotr Kalita, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, piotr.kalita [at] ii.uj.edu.pl

Michał Jureczka, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, michal.jureczka [at] student.uj.edu.pl
Piotr Kozarzewski, University of Warsaw, piotr.kozarzewski [at] wat.edu.pl

In case of questions please contact us at e-mail male.ciche [at] ii.uj.edu.pl or at our individial e-mails.
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1. Anna Żółtek, Małe Ciche 77B, 34-531 Murzasichle, tel: (+48) 18 201 63 85.
2. Maria Żeglin, Małe Ciche 73, 34-531 Murzasichle, tel. (+48) 18 208 41 09.

The meeting point is Maria Żeglin house situated near the ski lift (wyciag krzeselkowy). We direct you to your accommodation place nearby.

We will be lodged in local small hostels, some of them have full bath facilities. Please, be prepared for lower level of accommodation than in the hotel or high quality pension. If it is not a problem for you, please, book rather double rooms than single ones and send us the name of your roommate.

We will organize transport for participants who informed us they would like to use the transport organized by us. The bus from Krakow to Male Ciche will depart from the bus station at 18:15 on Monday, September 25th. This will be a regular bus for which we have bought the tickets for our participants. The line will be Krakow->Zakopane and the bus will be operated by the company "Szwagropol". The bus will depart from "Malopolski Dworzec Autobusowy", the bus station located just near the Krakow Railway Station "Kraków Główny". The group should be there ten minutes before the departure, that is, at 18:05. In case of any troubles, our contactperson who will be waiting at the bus station is Michał Jureczka. The group will get off from the bus in Zakopane, where it will move into a small bus which will go to Male Ciche. Small bus will be in Zakopane at 20.25. The return trip is planned similarily: the small bus will take the group from Male Ciche to Zakopane at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday, September 30. Then the group will travel from Zakopane by the Szwagropol line which departs from Zakopane bus station at 11:20.

Application deadline: please fill in the registration form until June 25, 2017 July 10, 2017 (registration deadline extended).
July 17, 2017 (registration deadline further extended).
Deadline for sending titles and abstracts of talks/posters: July 17, 2017.
Abstracts can be prepared according to the following template
Latex template
Pdf file
and sent by mail to male.ciche@ii.uj.edu.pl

Seminar: September 26-29, 2017
(arrival day September 25 Monday in the evening, departure day September 30 Saturday after breakfast).
Payment in case of accommodation in single room: 800 PLN
Payment in case of accommodation in shared room: 600 PLN

There is no conference fee. Payment covers acommodation and full board.

Payment must be done in Polish zlotys (PLN) during the seminar. It will be possible to obtain the invoice. Please notice that the nearest money exchange is in Zakopane.
During our seminar we plan to organize one longer excursion to the mountains. Please keep in mind that there is a small fee (5 PLN) for the entrance to the national park.
Some additional example costs
Registration is now closed. In case of any queries please contact the organizers.